Years back I visited an island that had an approach to love and relationships that was opposite to my own culture. Everyone on the island was completely non-possessive, and while staying there all known conventions for love and relationships were turned upside down.

During my visit to the island, I was very inspired and explored living with a group of bisexual women who also had other partners.

This is the story of my 11 months struggle to catch the coronavirus. A struggle that led me around the world visiting the areas where the virus peaked until finally getting infected.

A positive test, but negative for antibodies.

My story of living the ultimate polyamorous lifestyle with three lovers and two lovers-in-law, not knowing who was going to be the father of my wife’s next child.

Gina not only showed me that a woman can have an orgasm from a hug but also taught me to love my depressions and my suicidal thoughts.

This is how my dating expenses ended up becoming tax-deductible. With the help of an expert from the tax authorities, I wrote off all the expenses I had on sugar dating last year.

Do you think a burglar would rob your house if he or she was officially invited? Using my own homemade crime prevention method, I found out.

Annie and I at one of her burglaries

This is the story of how I explored the life of a London sugardaddy and how money bought me, genuine love.

The true story of my useless escape from masturbating men.

This is the story of how I found out that my dream partner was just a single slice of a whole person’s consciousness.

She helped me more than anyone, but she never knew how much I loved her. When after 45 years, I finally let go of her, my love life was forever transformed.

1969: The year it started

Carsten Graff

Reflective and true stories about the tabooed areas of sex, love, language and health.

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